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a drawing of a man with blue hair and red shirt has his face painted like a clown
People I met
People I met on Behance
four people with different colored hair and one has an ear hole in the middle, two are
Some POSCA doodles I did!
an image of a group of people with different facial expressions
Women In Art History
an image of a woman in science on the screen, with text that reads women in science
Rachel Carson was a marine biologist, author, and conservationist who’s writing changed the world. Her findings inspired the environmental movement on the 1960’s and started the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.Purchase this print and other illustration in my Women in Science series here:
a woman with a cat on her shoulder holding a bottle
Holly Jolley
three women are standing next to each other
Malika Favre //
Malika Favre - |
a woman's face is shown in an abstract painting
5 Good Illustrations — DNAMAG | Art drawings, Line art drawings, Art painting
Oct 27, 2019 - Supporting female illustrators
a woman's face is shown with circles around her head and the words bauhous women above it
Bauhaus Women
an image of a person with a ribbon around their neck and the words make cutie on it
"Marie Curie Round Portrait" Sticker by thefilmartist | Redbubble
the many faces of people in different colors
Into the Wild Travel (@Lauintothewild) on X