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Freak Show- the first picture is actually true, everyone technically has a tail in rare occasions it fully forms. These are all true defects of life. I know its not their fault and they can't help it but freak show people creep me out sooo bad! Paranormal, Old Pictures, Best Funny Pictures, Old Photos, Creepy, Scary, Human Oddities, Bizarre, Vintage Circus

An Album Of Old Fashion Looking Freak Show People

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When You See It, You& Question Existence is part of Creepy photos Awkward photos are more often than not hilarious Illusion pictures that create cool illusions are witty to the core although they - Creepy Horror, Creepy Art, Horror Art, Horror Movies, Creepy Photography, Creative Photography, Horror Photography, Trucage Photo, Halloween Vintage

When You See It, You'll Question Existence

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Real Ghost Photos: CCTV captured the apparition of Jane Seymour who died in childbirth giving Henry VIII a son. She has been seen carrying a candle throughout the halls of the castle.

20 Real-life Scarily True Ghost Stories

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Zona Heaster Shue died in 1897 by what was called an "everlasting faint" but was soon given the name 'The Greenbrier Ghost' after she appeared to her mother and told her she had actually been murdered by her husband.

10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real

10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real The things if getting here and time. I know of way more haunted places that are easier to get to.

24 More Creepiest Things Kids Have Said - Team Jimmy Joe Short Creepy Stories, Spooky Stories, Ghost Stories, Horror Stories, Real Scary Stories, Funny Stories, True Stories, Creepy Things Kids Say, Creepy Kids

24 More Creepiest Things Kids Have Said | Team Jimmy Joe

Granted, there have been numerous re-postings of the Reddit thread: “What's the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you?” And most of them are

 Hope you read them all. 13 Super Spooky Female Ghost Stories That Will Totally Creep You Out.

13 Super Spooky Female Ghost Stories That Will Totally Creep You Out.

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Check out all the awesome morbid gifs on WiffleGif. Including all the dark gifs, horror gifs, and the texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning gifs. Creepy Stories, Ghost Stories, Horror Stories, Paranormal, Creepy Horror, Creepy Pictures, Creepypasta, Stargate, At Least

At least these are all just scary movies... Right?

Obamacare covers a lot of great things. But if any of this happens to you, you’re on your own.

2008 Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show

COVERT SCIENCE-As noted (see pin below) Colorado's San Luis Valley is the most paranormal place in the USA. UFOs, ghosts, weird weather, Bigfoot, cattle mutilations ongoing covert military and CIA activity are taken for granted by the natives by now. But lately flying men that soar through the air in full view of witnesses have the valley in a tizzy. So many sightings have been reported by respected residents that CO's governor has requested an FBI investigation. "Current…

The infamous Amityville Horror House owns so many scary stories, it could fill up the entire list. It’s the only place that Lorraine Warren, the ghost hunter involved with several of the other stories, won’t even talk about.

10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real

The focal point for The Conjuring, this house was the site of extraordinary paranormal activity. After the Perron family was terrorized by a poltergeist who announced herself as "Bathsheba," they made a call to ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. Andrea Perron recalled the moment Lorraine set foot in the kitchen without any knowledge of the situation and said "I feel a dark presence, and her name is Bathsheba." ~shudder~

Think ghost stories are simply fodder for silly horror movies and campfire tales? Think again. You may tell your kids there are no such things as evil.

Real Ghost Stories: 8 Women Share Their Chilling Supernatural Encounters | Don't read this before going to sleep! So scary!!

Peeping Tom ghost in the window! Weird and creepy! Real Ghost Pictures, Ghost Images, Ghost Photos, Aliens, Paranormal Pictures, Ghost Sightings, Creepy Stories, Ghost Stories, Ghost Hauntings

Peeping Tom ghost in the window!

True ghost photos. Real evidence of life beyond. Paranormal occurrences captured on film in our gallery! Ghost hunters and the like, hunting for ghosts and spirits and finding them! Everything used from Ouija board, meters, cameras and camcorders. scary creepy ghosts and specters caught on film.

Real Ghost Pictures: A Christmas Haunting - Paranormal 360

26 Creepy Old Photos of the Nightmare Kind | Team Jimmy Joe

Scary, Haunting Vintage Pics from the Spooky Olden Days. Creepy Old Photos you'll love in a terrifying way.

(Usually I dismiss these, but this one struck me as really creepy!) THE PLAYMATE! There was no additional information given when this photograph was submitted. Submitted by: Alex L.

Real Ghost Pictures: The Playmate - Paranormal 360

There was no additional information given when this photograph was submitted. Submitted by: Alex L. | Unknown Do you have a ghost photo you want to share? Click here to submit your paranormal photos! They will be given every consideration for our real ghost picture gallery. Note: Because of the large amount of attachments received, ...

Willard Library Ghost Cams:Head is definitely transparent. This is Not a distortion of cam and is fascinating when enlarged. I live a few minutes away from here, yet somehow I've never been!

Willard Library Ghost Cams

Who is ghost haunting the Willard Library? Watch quietly. Perhaps you'll see our Lady in Grey as she passes in front of our web cams.