Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes

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Meatloaf Muffins
Enjoy tasty, mini-sized meatloaf muffins – perfect for quick dinners or meal prep. Delicious, easy to make, and packed with flavor in each bite!
an apple and kale salad with walnuts on top
Massaged Kale Avocado Salad with Apple
Kale is an excellent ingredient to add to your healthy salads and recipes. In addition to its numerous health benefits, adding massaged kale to your meals significantly elevates the taste by adding a new dimension to the food. When looking to add a salad to your dinner spread, massaged kale salad must be top of your list. This delicious, fortifying salad is bound to be a hit among your family and friends. In this article, we will be giving you the recipe for the best-massaged kale avocado salad. So let’s get started!
cookies with oats and raisins sitting on top of each other in front of the words, superfood breakfast cookies
Superfood breakfast cookies
Cookies that are good for you are more than just a tasty treat. They have positive effects on your health! In addition to being nourishing, healthy food must also taste great. These superfood breakfast cookies are the perfect on-the-go snack. Made with oats, bananas, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and cinnamon, this breakfast treat is a gluten-free and guilt-free indulgence for your overall wellbeing. Get ready to discover an easy and fun recipe for the easy breakfast oatmeal cookies!
Herb-Kissed Grilled Pork Chops
For father's day, Savor the flavor of herb-kissed grilled pork chops! Juicy, tender, and infused with fresh herbs, these chops are perfect for a delicious and easy meal.
mango matcha overnight oats in two glasses
Mango Matcha Overnight Oats
What Type of Matcha Should I use in Oats? Matcha is available in two types: ceremonial grade matcha and culinary grade matcha. Ceremonial matcha is the highest matcha quality made for being added to teas or lattes (such as a strawberry matcha latte). It has a bright green color and a smooth, creamy taste. Culinary matcha, on the other hand, is a little lower in quality and more affordable. It has a less creamy flavor and tastes slightly bitter, which makes it suitable for cooking and baking — and this explains why the best matcha powder for matcha overnight oats is culinary-grade matcha.
tuna salad stuffed avocados with cilantro and basil on top are ready to be eaten
Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados should be your go-to quick, healthy lunch or dinner fix. Also known as Avocado Boats, it’s a delicious low-carb meal. These will indeed become a fast favorite! #TUNA #SALAD #STUFFED #AVOCADOS
no bake peanut butter oat cups on a white plate with text overlay
No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Cups
Is this dessert healthy? This recipe uses whole grains and natural sweeteners – so it makes for a super healthy dessert idea. Its health benefits (grouped according to the ingredients) are as follows: Oats are packed with fiber and antioxidants. They can give you sustained energy. Peanuts are a good source of protein and healthy fats. They also provide plenty of essential nutrients, such as B-group vitamins. Peanut butter has omega-6 fatty acids, which lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Dark chocolate is very nutritious and has antioxidants. If it’s something you love, it’ll also release the happy hormone, dopamine. Sea salt can rejuvenate your skin and boost your immune system.
Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake
Enjoy Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake! A delicious dish with pasta, chicken, ham, and creamy cheese sauce. Perfect for an easy, comforting, and satisfying dinner
radish salad served on a plate Fresh, Hokkaido, Watermelon Radish Salad, Watermelon Radish Recipe, Radish Salad, Watermelon Radish, Recipe Using Cucumbers
Watermelon Radish Salad Recipe: Simple, Healthy + Zesty Dressing
A fresh and colorful side dish to welcome spring: watermelon radish salad with juicy tomatoes, creamy avocado, and refreshing watermelon radishes - a burst of vibrant flavors and colors. And don't forget the zesty lemon honey vinaigrette that brings everything together in a sweet and tangy goodness. This watermelon radish salad recipe is perfect for a light lunch or as a nutritious addition to any meal. #watermelonradish #salad #recipe #spring #summer #healthy #radishsalad
Herbal Coffee Recipe (Coffee Alternative) Creamy Like a Latte
This creamy herbal coffee drink is packed with rich caramel flavors and health perks. This recipe is easy to make and can be enjoyed hot or chilled /over ice. Or add some hot cream and trasnsform into a foamy latte. Brew it strong and let it cool for a refreshing iced coffee for those hot days. Give this dairy-free and gluten-free herbal coffee alternative a go and enjoy the unique blend that not only tastes deliciously similar to coffee but also offers a nice blend of sweetness, flavor and wellness.
chicken fritters are stacked on top of each other
Healthy chicken fritters (fried or baked) / Chicken Patties / Pancakes
These healthy chicken fritters feature fresh chicken breast meat coated with seasoned flour, eggs and a honey mustard sauce, then pan fried (or baked) - yielding a crispy exterior and juicy interior. They can also be called chicken pancakes, patties or cakes and can be customized to your liking, by adding other ingredients like cheese and other seasonings. Easily make them gluten free as well. #chickenfritters #chickenpatties #chickencakes #friedchicken #easy #healthy #recipe #glutenfree
radish cucumber salad Salad Dressing, Radish Recipes, Creamy Salad Dressing, Cucumber Salad, Veggie Side Dishes, Veggie Side
Healthy Creamy Radish Cucumber Salad (Vegan Friendly)
This healthy radish cucumber salad is loaded with crunchy red radishes and crispy cucumbers and finished with a fresh creamy salad dressing with dill and tangy notes. Serve this simple healthful salad with cucumber and radish chilled as a refreshing veggie side dish during spring or summer. #radish #cucumber #salad #dill #summer #spring #radishcucumbersalad
gluten free vegan tortillas / wraps on a white plate with text overlay
The Best Gluten Free Wraps / Tortillas (Vegan) | Healthy Taste Of Life
Looking for a gluten free tortilla recipe? These gluten free tortillas wraps are very thin, chewy and flexible: the softest vegan gluten free tortillas you can make at home! These homemade gluten free tortillas wraps are so tasty, tender and pliable, you’ll never use store-bought again. #glutenfreetortillas #tortillas #vegan #glutenfreewraps #dairyfree #homemade
Mango cucumber salad (cubed) in a bowl.
Mango Cucumber Salad With Avocado + Lemon Vinaigrette Recipe
This mango cucumber avocado salad is the perfect summer side dish. Fresh cucumbers and mangoes are cubed and combined with a creamy avocado for refreshing flavors. The dressing: zingy lemon honey vinaigrette enhances and balances the salad’s acidity and sweetness. Quick & easy to prepare, this salad cucumber mango salad can be enjoyed as a light snack or side dish for lunch/ dinner. The best and easy mango cucumber avocado salad recipe. #mango #cucumber #salad #avocado #summersalad #mangosalad
Cook Dinner With Me! Using a HEXCLAD Frying Pan
@HexClad pans are a game changer in the kitchen. Metal utensil safe, scratch resistant is a huge bonus, non-stick yet non-toxic, lifetime warranty, and SO easy to clean. They are extremely durable and you don’t need to be a professional to use them 😉 moms, I’m talking to you. They will last forever 👏🏼 Full Jambalaya recipe: Shop HEXCLAD frying pans: #HexCladCreator #HexCladCanada #HexClad #cookwithme #recipe #cooking #kitchen