Italian recipes (desserts)

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two scoops of ice cream sit on top of a baked apple crumbler
Easy Apple Crisp
hot dogs on red towel next to bowl of eggs
Authentic Homemade Savoiardi Recipe: Perfect Italian Ladyfingers
Homemade Savoiardi Recipe (Italian Lady's Finger Biscuits)
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a bundt cake with powdered sugar on top and lemon wedges next to it
Tablespoon Italian Lemon Cake
a plate topped with a desert covered in fruit
Lemon Delight – The Dessert That Will Transport You to the Amalfi Coast
a close up of a doughnut with icing on a white background and the words bomba next to it
This Pastry Is the ‘Bomb’
there is a chocolate pie on the plate
Crostata alla nutella | Ricetta Chiarapassion