Sightseeing in Corfu

Sightseeing in Corfu
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The Achillion Palace - Situated around 10 km south of Corfu town in the village of Gastouri, above the resort of Benitses. The property was originally owned by Corfiot philosopher and diplomat Petros Vrailas Armenis and it was known as “Villa Vraila”. However during a visit in 1888 the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sissi, decided that it was the ideal location for her to build her palace in Corfu.
The Glyfa bridge - Possibly unique in Corfu as to size and construction.(built ca. 1913) If Heading North it can be found between Barbati and Nissaki below the main coast road.
The British Cemetery - From Corfu seafront to south of the old town and turn inland onto Alexandras Avenue, which is a big tree lined avenue. At the top of this is Place George Theotoki which contains a roundabout. From this roundabout take the Donatou Dimoulitsa road and then bear left onto Kolokotroni. Please note that if asking for directions that the locals commonly refer to the Cemetery as the “English Cemetery”.
The Serbian Museum of Corfu - Houses rare exhibits from the Serbian soldiers’ tragic fate during the First World War.
The Banknote Museum of Alpha Bank - A museum located in Corfu Town. It showcases an almost complete collection of the Greek currency from 1822 to present around 2000 items and includes the first treasury bonds issued by the newly liberated Greek State in 1822 until the replacement of the drachma by the euro in 2002.
The Museum of Asian art -  The Museum of Asian art of Corfu is a museum in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Corfu, Greece.
Museum of Ceramic Arts (Corfu Town) - The Museum housed in the ‘new fortress’ in Corfu town showcases some of the finer examples of Corfiot ceramic art. The origins of this collection lay in everyday life and takes its inspiration from the island, its people and Corfiot life.
Nikolaos Mantzaros Museum of Music (Corfu Town) - Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros (1795 –1872) was a Greek composer born in Corfu and the major representative of the Ionian School of music. He was of mixed Greek and Italian noble descent, from one of the most important and wealthy families of the “Libro d’Oro” di Corfu.
Museum Of Traditional Costumes And Corfiot Folk Music (Pelekas) - Located just outside the hilltop village of Pelekas, Corfu is this wonderful private collection of costumes dating back to the 19th century. Originating from both Corfu and the rest of Greece, the collection has been amassed over many years by the museum’s curator and is housed in her family home.