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Enjoy the creamy texture and delicious taste of deviled eggs without guilt with this Avocado Deviled Eggs Recipe Without Mayo. Packed with healthy fats and nutrients, this appetizer is a fantastic alternative to traditional deviled eggs.

Game Day Foods

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Seasoning / Spice Blends

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July Fourth

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If you're in the mood for a heavenly dessert, this Easy Carrot Cake Recipe will definitely hit the spot! It's incredibly moist and delicious, with warm and comforting spices, and topped off with a velvety cream cheese frosting.

Mother’s Day

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Delicious and gluten-free muffins made with a mix of pumpkin puree, cocoa powder, almond butter and maple syrup. These muffins are soft, rich, and chocolatey with a hint of pumpkin flavor, a perfect snack or dessert for any time of the day.

Pumpkin Recipes

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An authentic German recipe with step-by-step photos and lots of tips on how to make German dill pickles. #howto #diy #pickledcucumbers #germancuisine #pickles #canning
Making homemade Bread and Butter Pickles are so easy to make. Try this small-batch recipe for refrigerator pickles so no hot packing is required. Just cut the pickles into slices, salt then make a quick brine with pickling spices and you will be rewarded with crispy, crunchy and flavorful pickles.

Pickling Foods

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Nshima with village chicken
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Dry Fruits & Dates Vegan Smoothie Recipe
This easy Mango Kale Smoothie is a fun and healthy treat! Frozen mango, kale, yogurt and almond milk create a thick, creamy, frosty drink - and this clean green smoothie recipe is so easy to make dairy-free, vegan, Paleo and Whole30!


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Chicken Cacciatore Casserole (aka poulet chasseur) is one of my favorite recipes during the colder months. The taste of a chicken and peppers recipe together is like a savory explosion in your mouth. It's a great recipe if you want to empty your refrigerator with unused vegetables.
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Italian Recipes

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This no yeast flatbread recipe is made with batter, scallions and garlic. They turn into delicious thick flatbread that you can serve as a side dish with dinner. Also a great substitute for bread. Want to try? Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe and instructions


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This slow cooker rabbit stew recipe is one for the books. A tender and flavorful stew that is easy to make with the addition of a fruit that helps distract from any gaminess. A rabbit recipe that everyone will love. My kids absolutely love when I cook this rabbit stew.
The Pretend Chef - No frills cooking for the chef in you

Wild Game Recipes

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Paneer 65 is a delicious paneer dish. To make the dish Paneer 65, first fry the paneer and then cook it with spices. 65 dishes are very popular in South India, these dishes are eaten with some special food or as a starter. Paneer 65 is a medium spicy fried paneer dish that is a delicious startup. Paneer 65 holds a good place at the party along with other delicious snacks. #paneer #paneerrecipe #paneer65 #homemade #homemaderecipe #homemadepaneer #delicious #deliciouspaneer #yummy #yummypaneer
Simple Chickpea Vegetables Salad

Picnic ideas

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Slow cooker teriyaki chicken is chicken breasts cooked with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and honey, then shredded and drizzled with sauce.
Making a crockpot frito pie is an easy weeknight dinner than can be thrown into the slow cooker in the morning and be ready when you get home from work. Everyone loves it, and when that chili hits those corn chips and makes them slightly soft, there's no better flavor. Crockpot Frito Pie is the best.

Slow Cooker Recipes

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Enjoy the perfect combination of tender and crispy with these air fryer sweet potato fries! These fries are made with fresh sweet potatoes that are cut into fries and seasoned with just the right amount of salt and spices. They are cooked in an air fryer at a high temperature, creating an irresistibly crunchy exterior while maintaining a juicy and flavorful interior. They make the perfect side dish!

Air fryer recipes

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"Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?" you might've wondered with your new air fryer. Read on to find the answer and how to use foil the right way and safely in your air fryer.

Air Fryer

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Learn how to mimic gluten in gluten-free baking, with this Psyllium husk 101 guide. Use it in bread, cinnamon rolls, hot cross buns, doughnuts, and more. Great source of soluble fiber and prebiotics for the gut. #psylliumhusk #glutenfree #glutenfreebaking #benefits #keto #fiber #laxative #ketorecipes #glutenfreerecipes #recipes #uses
How to make moi moi for 100 people - The Pretend Chef

Gluten free

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Barfi made from lauki / ghiya (bottle gourd) is a delicious dessert and is very popular in India especially on the occasion of Indian festivals. Lauki ki barfi can also be eaten on fasting days, it can be easily made at home on festivals or fasting occasions. Lauki ki burfi is very simple and easy to make at home and requires very little ingredients and efforts. #laukikibarfi #bottlegourdbarfi #dudhibarfi #dessert #indiandessert #laukihalwa #laukikibarfirecipe #laukikibarfiwithoutmawa #mithai
Phirni is very popular in North India. It is a sweet pudding made from milk, rice, sugar and some dry fruits. Phirni can be made with many different flavors and mango phirni is one of the delicious and popular flavors of phirni. Phirni is a very popular dessert in most weddings, festivals or special occasions in North India. #phirni #mangophirni #phirnirecipe #mangophirnirecipe
Holi festival is not only a festival of colors but also a festival of delicious food. On this festival people start making delicious Gujiya in advance. You must have eaten mava Gujiya on this festival, but we are going to teach you a new recipe of Gujiya, that is Gulkand Gujiya, which is delicious and you can easily make it at home. #guiya #indiansweet #guiyarecipe

Indian Mithai/Desserts

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Ayva Tatlisi, also known as Turkish Quince Dessert, is a delicious sweet treat that has been enjoyed in Turkey for centuries. This dessert consists of quince fruit, which is native to the Caucasus and Western Asia, and has a unique and sweet flavor that is hard to resist.
Revani Cake - Turkish Semolina Cake is a popular Mediterranean dessert that is enjoyed across the Middle East and Greece. This delectable dessert is made with semolina flour, sugar, and eggs, soaked with orange-flavored syrup, and then cut into diamonds or squares.
Kadaif Dessert, (or Turkish Tel Kadayif), is a popular and unique Turkish dessert typically served during the holy month of Ramadan. It is made with layers of crispy, shredded filo pastry base filled with a rich and nutty walnut mixture, and then baked until crispy.


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Make this creamy, delicious and flavourful pasta in your Instant Pot. Spaghetti cooked with butter, garlic and parmesan cheese in less than 20 minutes.
These Instant Pot black beans are easy to make and taste so much better than the canned version! Perfect for meal prep or as a side to your favorite tacos, salads, or protein bowls, these black beans can be ready in under an hour.
Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala is a classic restaurant-style delicacy. It has chunks of marinated chicken roasted and cooked in a spiced sauce.

Instant Pot Recipes

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This Quick Pumpkin Chili is a favorite seasonal recipe of mine! It's packed with smoky and warm spice and good measure of nutritious pumpkin puree. It also happens to be #lowcarb and #glutenfree and ready to serve is just about 30 minutes! #savorypumpkinrecipes #pumpkinchili #pumpkinrecipes #lowcarbfallrecipes #glutenfreefallrecipes #lowcarbchili

Fall & Halloween

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If you like your dessert very, very sweet – well, it cannot go any sweeter than this Cranberry Pistachio Fudge. WHITE CHOCOLATE + CONDENSED MILK = SOUNDS LIKE A LITERAL SUGAR BOMB AND TASTE EXACTLY LIKE ONE. #Fudge #Recipes #FoodBlog #Food #Foodie #QuickRecipe #EasyRecipe #Sweet #Dessert #NoBake #Yummy #Christmas #Vegetarian #CondensedMilk #Breakfast #FoodInspiration #Pistachio #CranberNoCook #Bloggers #VideoRecipes #Sugar #ConfortFood #KidsRecipes


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Air Fryer Burnt Green Tomato Relish (or Fire Top)

Kid Friendly

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Healthy meals

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An easy Summer Pesto Pasta Salad that is the perfect side dish, or eat alone as a light lunch. Deliciously fresh and full of flavor, using homemade pesto sauce - this fabulous pesto pasta salad is everyone's favorite!

Summer Recipes

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Baked Brie in a puff pastry with jam is the perfect sweet and savory appetizer especially for the holidays. Warm gooey baked brie cheese with jam wrapped in a puff pastry and baked to perfection.
Crisp, savory patacones (fried plantains) are easy to prepare and make a great appetizer to serve alongside guacamole and salsa for dipping. #patacones #tostones

Party Foods

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