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First session of my witchy tattoo. Next session is shading and adding some bright colors. #witch #tattoo #stevienicks #fleetwoodmac #original #witchcraft

✨ Witch tattooed today on tough girl @jesspanther! #goodguysupplyfamily #devildongs #tattoo (at Blackbird Electric)

I'm tempted to keep adding tattoos to her but since I haven't worked those out yet I'm calling this lass done (for now). I'm never satisfied with good enough. My eyes hurt right now otherwise I'd keep going.

Sigil Athenaeum - “I remember my dreams” sigil

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Inktober day 13 // the acolyte I finally had time to sit down and do a real piece for inktober again! Today I drew a light witch, with levitating orbs✨ Today I used watercolors for the skin, colored pencils, pentel brush pen and aquash pen along...

Watercolor tattoo, mano hamsa, mano de fatima, budismo, lotus, loto, tatuajes a…

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Beautiful tattoo. Love this! ❤️