by Michel François. [Image #5 of Week: Jan. 13th - 17th]. I really like how…

by Michel François - I really like how this. The juxtaposition between the outer 'frame' and the inner spiderwebs reminds me of a mind. The frame being the skin and skull, and the inner mixtures and shapes being the mind at work: inspiration depicted.

Drawing with Wire - seed outlines resembling hand-drawn illustrations - organic…

Wire drawings of seeds'. Steven Follen Education Workshop, ArtisanCam & The Millenium Seed Bank, Wakehurst Place, RBG Kew.

anna hepler

Biennial art exhibitions have become waypoints on the contemporary art landscape, providing artists and audiences alike a chance every couple of years to see what's new, what's happening, who's hot, who's arriving.

kinetic sculpture

Kinetic sculptor Anne Lilly uses carefully engineered motion to shift and manipulate our perception of time and space. Her highly ordered.

Isabelle Bonte, "Cabane du lac" (du Fil de Fer) #Bonte #art #installation

Isabelle Bonte, "Cabane du lac" (du Fil de Fer) #Bonte #art #installation