Piedras pintadas a mano. Stones.

Simple dot painted leaves on a tree. I love the fact that it avoids the traditional colors of brown and green!

cute idea, paint smooth stones and decorate as little chicks.

Cute little painted rock idea. Painting smooth stones and decorating them as chicks! The perfect craft for kids.

Great Idea for Stone Art

Looking for easy rock painting ideas? Perhaps you're simply beginning, you're daunted by even more intricate styles, try this, rock painting ideas, very inspiration for DIY or Decor - Rock Painting Ideas

La nueva forma de decorar tu hogar, piedras pintadas con mandalas ¡El mejor estilo

How To Make Beautiful Mandala Rocks

How To Make DIY Painted Rocks - 30 Tutorials and Inspirational Diagrams. Click the link under each tutorial diagram for full information. Elspeth McLean ( McLean) paints ocean rocks with thousands of tiny dots.

The painted rocks phenomenon is a family-friendly activity that is fun, cheap and a great way to keep the kids entertained over summer break or after school. Why? The purpose of this phenomenon is to bring a little happiness to others and be part of a community. It’s nice to know that someone out there …

100 Best Painted Rocks

Αναγεννησιακά Αγγελάκια και ρόδια από ευγενή μέταλλα

Αναγεννησιακά Αγγελάκια και ρόδια από ευγενή μέταλλα