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Do you have one of these? 👉🏼 These silicone brush tools are great for mark making and come in various nib styles ~ Pointed, flat and angled. I’m working with wet paint over a dried background in this video from the vault. Just another idea for collage paper creation 😊💫 I’ll throw a 📸 of these tools in my stories :) #arttools #artsupplies #markmaking #markmakingdesign #artideas #collageartist #collagepaper #arttechniques #paintonpaper #mixedmediaart
three pieces of art sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Chiacryl Cora Serie
Vier Werke (40x20) aus Blattgold, matten Strukturen und glänzendem Resin. Alle Werke sind aufgrund ihrer Einzigartigkeit nummeriert. Erhältlich in meinem Etsy Shop!
A few more gold vibes for you 💫 Excited to share steps & hacks for this metallic collage paper, and others, with my [Weekly Tips 👩🏼‍🎨] Newsletter subscribers, going out tomorrow. Should be a good one :) #goldpaper #transferfoil #arthacks #arttips #arttechniques #mixedmediaartist #collagepaper #artideas #igart #artsteps
an abstract painting of two colorful wings on black background with white and yellow paint splatters
Colorful angel wings printed on canvas, angel wall art, wall decor modern, home wall art decor, religious art pictures, canvas print
Dynamic Angel Wings - Abstract Luxury Wall Art Experience a fascinating journey into the world of art with our canvas picture "Dynamic Angel Wings". This abstract artwork depicts two impressive wings printed on a dark background, highlighting the vibrant colors of gold, blue, red and white. The powerful brush strokes and rich color layering give the wings an almost three-dimensional texture that will transform your walls into a gallery. This wall decoration is more than just a canvas print; it i