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This! You could have had both. It meant standing up for me and 'us'. Life isn't Black & White. There are greys and nuances that intelligent people make exceptions for. That is my greatest disappointment; that you couldn't man up and recognize this and claim 'this' as part of your own too.

Not afraid to advertise that people need to get some balls and tough it out sometimes, but still be a tattooed gentleman. Sometimes you just got to wing it bc you have trust in your dreams and abilities.

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In the fashion world as well, men usually confused with outfit color that will look perfect for him. And here, you will find some ideas about choosing the right color for your outfits;

Water Earth Air Fire // Avatar Symbols // 9x9 Prints // Four Watercolor Paintings

Water Earth Air Fire // Avatar Symbols // Prints // Four Watercolor Paintings Korra Avatar the Last Airbender

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Men's Black Leather Bomber Jacket, Black Crew-neck T-shirt, Blue Skinny Jeans, Dark Brown Suede Chelsea Boots