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How to answer "Would you still join our team if you received a better offer at another company?"
Here’s how to answer the interview question “Would you still join our team if you received a better offer at another company?” #interviews #interviewtips #interviewquestions #jobsearching #joboffer
the best questions to ask at a job interview
Best questions to ask at a job interview
So you’re about to attend an interview, but have you thought about what questions you’ll ask the interviewer? 🤔 Preparing questions to ask at the end of your interview shows companies that you’re interested in the job, and it also gives you a chance to see if the company is the right fit for you. 💯 Here’s a short list of questions that you’ll probably want to find out more about. #interviewquestions #interviewtips #interviewprep
an info sheet with the words how to present yourself well in an interview
Body language tips for job interviews
Your body language can play a big part in how well your job interview goes. Interviewers pay attention to your body language (whether they realize it or not), so show them you’re excited to be there and capable of doing a great job as their potential employee #interviewtips #jobinterview #bodylanguage
Don't say THIS in your interview: "I have no experience, but I'm willing to learn."
Don't say THIS in your interview: "I have no experience, but I'm willing to learn"
Don't say THIS in your interview: "I have no experience, but I'm willing to learn."
Here’s why you shouldn’t say “I might not have experience but I’m willing to learn,” in your job interview. Rephrase your answer and show that you’re the best fit for the job! #interview #interviewprep #jobsearch #mistakes
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5 tips to answer "What are your salary expectations?"
💸 Talking about salary expectations during a job interview can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Many people avoid bringing up the topic or negotiating numbers. However, it’s essential that you agree on a salary that accurately reflects the value you will bring to the role. Here are five tips from HR experts to help you approach this topic with more confidence. #salarynegotiation #jobinterview #interviewtips
Using the STAR method to answer this interview question
The STAR method is a great technique to use when answering behavioral interview questions. It gives interviewers a more concrete example of how you would react in a certain situation and how you would try to fix a problem. ⭐️ 🔸More advice on how to use this method here: resumegenius•me/star-method #jobinterview #interviewtips #interviewquestions #starmethod
STAR Method for Job Interviews
Using the STAR method to answer “What do you do when you’re stressed and overwhelmed at work?” in a job interview ⭐️ #jobinterview #interviewtips #interviewquestions #careeradvice #jobsearchtips
the job interview tips page with three people sitting at a table talking to each other
Job Interview Tips to Help You Succeed
Preparing for your next job interview? We’ve compiled a list of the best interview tips for job seekers to help you convince the hiring manager you’re the top candidate for the role.
9 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers
9 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers
9 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers
Interview Questions & Answers 💬 8 Most common interview questions and how to answer them. #interviewquestions #interviewtips #careeradvice #resumegenius
an info sheet with two people sitting at desks and one person talking to each other
Questions to Ask and Not Ask During a Job Interview
Remember, a job interview is a two-way conversation and it’s an opportunity for you to learn more about the role and the company. This is why you should always ask questions at the end of an interview, and not only answer them. 💬 🔸 More questions to ask at the end of a job interview here: #interviewtips #interviewquestions #jobinterview
an orange and white cover with the words, understand your reason for job - hopping to make
Understanding Job-Hopping for Career Decisions
💼 Job-hopping is becoming more acceptable in today’s workplace. However, if you’re a frequent job-hopper but wish you could stay longer in your jobs, you need to understand the reasons behind these frequent changes. Corinne Mills, Joint Managing Director of Personal Career Management, shares some insights to help you self-reflect and make better career decisions. #jobhopping #careerchange #careeradvice
two women with the words believing in yourself when life gets tough, and an image of them
Believing in Yourself When Life Gets Tough
Today’s episode reminds you that you can do hard things, which make you stronger and better because of what you go through to get to the other side.Listen in on this raw and vulnerable story by Suraiyah, an unemployed jobseeker of 13 months and how she navigated her job search to land her dream job.\
an info sheet with the words tips on producing yourself in an interview
Tips on Introducing Yourself in an Interview
A good self-introduction in an interview can create a great first impression on recruiters. With some guidance, you can make sure you start the interview on a positive note. Use this as an opportunity to showcase who you are and why you’re the best candidate for the job. 💯 Want more sample answers? Here you go! 🔸 hashtag#interviews hashtag#interviewtips hashtag#selfintroduction hashtag#jobinterview
a flyer for an event with the words, what are your weaknesss?
How to answer "What are your weaknesses?" in a job interview
In interviews, you’ll most likely get asked the question, “What are your weaknesses?” 💥 Don’t forget, it’s more important to show interviewers HOW you’re overcoming these weaknesses. You’ve got this! 🔎 Need more help? Review good example answers to this interview question and secure your chances of getting hired! 🔸 #interview #interviewtips #jobinterview #interviewquestions
an orange background with the words effective communication is a key skill for your teacher resume
Effective communication is a key skill for a teacher resume
👩‍🏫 As Dr. Annie George-Puskar, Assistant Professor at Fordham University reminds us, teachers are more than educators. They are also a point of contact between students and their parents and caregivers. For this reason, it’s important to highlight your communication skills on your teacher resume. 🔸 Applying for a teaching position? We have over 10 teacher resume samples to help you with your application: #teachingtips #education #resumetips #jobsearching