VLK Rhodes

"Fresh Impetus" article all about how to create the best possible villa rental.

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/getting-arty/ The art at VLK Rhodes - blog

A gift painted by a friend. New original art for the villa shortly to be framed.

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/creating-a-mediterranean-garden/ Blog about the design of a Greek garden

Creating A Mediterranean Garden - Rhodes Luxury Villa

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/the-boxes-of-delight/ The Box of Delights - VLK Rhodes

Written by Pete Wilcock Whenever we are planning a return to Rhodes and the villa our thoughts inevitably turn to what`s next? and what can we buy for the villa? Luckily a good new idea is never too far away and we.

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/coffee-table-essentials/ The Coffee   Table at VLK Rhodes

November 2015 - new grass weaved wallpaper added in a duck egg blue.

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/counting-down-to-the-2016-season-1/ Family Fun at VLK on Rhodes

Jaques Snakes and Ladders Luxury Board Game , Jaques , John Lewis

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/picnic-time/ Picnic Time at VLK Rhodes

http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/picnic-time/ Picnic Time at VLK Rhodes