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a man standing on top of a stage in front of a group of other people
Happy Birthday Rachel Maddow
a young man making a funny face in front of a brick wall
#MargaretKilgallen York Street San Francisco, California 1993
Margaret Kilgallen  Untitled, c. 1999  Acrylic on wood  17.25 x 7.5 inches Graffiti, Museums, Street Art, Collage, Art, Contemporary Art, Illustrators, Feminist Art, Painting & Drawing
Margaret Kilgallen
Margaret Kilgallen Untitled, c. 1999 Acrylic on wood 17.25 x 7.5 inches
an old photo of two women holding guitars
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a drawing of a man sitting on a chair
#MargaretKilgallen this is one of margaret's first self-portraits that she created in her drawing class at city college in sf in 1991; she told me that it dealt with her being abused by a neighbor as a child.
many pieces of paper with pictures and words on them
some of Margaret and other friend's zines
two young women riding bicycles down the street
San Francisco, California 1991 Pierce Street
a drawing of a guitar sitting on top of a piece of paper
Banjo - Margaret Leisha Kilgallen
Margaret Kilgallen Artist At Work, Artist Studio, American Art, Female Artists
Margaret Kilgallen - Wikipedia
Margaret Kilgallen
a woman in a cowboy hat is writing on the side of a train with her hand
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Margaret Kilgallen Train Graffiti Female Hobo.
a woman walking down the street with a shopping cart full of items in her hand
Margaret Kilgallen
two people with red paint on their bodies
New Image Art Gallery
two women's legs in high heeled shoes standing on a red platform with other people behind them
an image of african women in traditional dress and headdresses with palm trees
Meet the Most Feared Women in History
two women and a man standing next to each other in front of a purple background
How Women Have Helped MSNBC Tip the Cable-News Ratings Scales
Rachel Maddow and other talented reporters have transformed the media landscape in the Trump era