Alberto Giacometti  Pen on paper - Love Giacometti's drawings and paintings.

Alberto Giacometti Pen on paper - Love Giacomettis drawings and paintings.

When you first set eyes on Japan-born, Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota’s work, you aren’t sure if you’re looking at an installation or a dark charcoal illustration. Though the piece echoes sketch-like imagery, it is in fact an installation piece involving a burnt piano in a room ravaged by black wool.STORE

Silence, art installation by Chiharo Shirotain. I like this installation, gives me ideas of how to preserve, trap make my work out of reach to viewers


Modeling With Line

Giacometti have always loved Giacometti's drawings. He is known as s sculptor but his portraits are amazing.

Alberto Giacometti: Three Men Walking II, 1949 - bronze (The Met)

Alberto Giacometti: Three Men Walking II, 1949 - bronze (The Met) “ Giacometti was born into a Swiss family of artists.

David Carsons Raygun magazine

Ray Gun Magazine David Carson headed this magazine, along with Beach Culture, and is known for his experimental typography that pushes the boundaries. Considered one of the greatest graphic designers of our time.


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Our shelter staff consisted of easy going and not so easy going people who could, it seemed, smell alcohol from all the way down the line, and the rules were vague.