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At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again. --- (dictionary art vintage print/inspirational by ExLibrisJournals / Etsy).

Rocks underwater; movement and stillness... The mesmerizing movement of sun upon soft water is a feast.  Could watch indefinitely because of the never-to-be-repeated configurations.  Such beauty given from nature. K.W.

Rocks underwater: movement and stillness. The mesmerizing movement of sun upon soft water is a visual feast.

Splashing in puddles - for the love of #water

DONE :) August 2012 :) It's fun to play in the rain! (We're sweet but we're not made out of sugar - we won't melt if we go out and play in the rain! Enjoy it!

greek quotes

‘For shallow seas I won’t betray my ocean’ Inspired by the ‘Anathemas and meditations’ of Konstantinos Tsatsos (July

greek quotes

The only person that doesn't make any mistakes is the one that does nothing.


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Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts!

In honor of the impending birth of baby Henry today! I cannot wait to meet him and hold him in my arms, Ali and Sascha!