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Protect hands and furniture from hot soup, chili, and oatmeal with a soup bowl cozy that’s as cute as it is functional! They’re fast and easy to make, which makes them ideal handmade gi…

would be a cute gift with nice bowl. with plantriotic bowls :) Black and white or gray for sarah :) Learn How to Sew a Microwave Bowl Cozy - A Free Project from Lindsay Mayland of Happy Hour Stitches.

twin needles use this needle type for heirloom sewing and decorative ...

twin needles use this needle type for heirloom sewing and decorative .

Learn How to Use an Edge Stitch Foot

Ever wonder how sewists get perfect topstitching. The secret is to use an Edge Stitch Foot. Learn all about the secrets to better sewing with this amazing presser foot. The Edge Stitch Foot

Sleeping Bags for Soft Toys. As soon as I saw the original pin, I knew Clare would love a few of these for her tribe of lambs and cats. I downloaded the pattern from this link and found it very easy to follow. Also a really good "sampler" for those, like myself, who are just starting out on machine quilting. Clare loves them and wants more...

stuffed animal sleeping these are adorable, but I don't sew. However, they gave me an you can buy potholders that are square/rectangular with a 'pocket' for your hand and use them as stuffed animal sleeping bags Animals

for already fitted woman's shirt?

Turn a men's button-up dress shirt into a fitted women's vest. Love this transformation! And just think of all the funky prints you could find to make these!