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an entrance to a house at night with lights on
Gallery of La Casita / Tres Más Dos Arquitectos - 13
La Casita,© Galleta Studio / Erick Alán Abrego Ambía
a horse is walking around in front of a stone wall and building that has been built into it
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a stone building with stairs leading up to it and tables on the outside, surrounded by rocks
UDesign Is Ready To Show Us What True Passion For Design Is All About
A multicultural group of designers, architects and craftsmen make up UDesign, an company with an experienced team that is sure to make every project come true from a simple but ambitious dream. |
a set of stairs leading up to the top of a tree house in the woods
Gallery of Nature’s Catalog / Garis Architects + GAde Design Workshop - 12
Gallery of Nature’s Catalog / Garis Architects + GAde Design Workshop - 12
two pictures of the inside and outside of a house with stairs leading up to it
Room a Holic
a bench sitting on top of a dirt field next to trees in the middle of a forest
Gallery of Bridge Pavilion / alarciaferrer arquitectos - 5
Bridge Pavilion,© Lucas Carranza
an instagramted photo of a house and its surroundings is shown on the phone screen
NG House / Arquitectos Anonimos
Built by Arquitectos Anonimos in Santo Tirso, Portugal with date 2006. Images by Abel Andrade. Sometimes we dig up foundations only to cover them up again. A safe certainty to determine what can be shown in the p...
black and white photograph of an old building with stone stairs leading up to the second floor
Casa Mosogno -
#CasaMosogno #WhatIsThisWizardry #VaultedCeiling #Industrial #Stone #Fireplace #Steel #Architecture
an instagram photo of a spiral staircase in a building with stone pillars and brick walls
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Everyone is talking Brazil. Brasil. I remember riding my bike on the weekends to visit my friend Camila and would always pass bye one of my...
a house on top of a hill with water in the background
Vacation house. Reconstruction project of a structure near the town of Reet in North Yorkshire, UK
a black building with palm trees in front of it
James Perse
.exterior for home
an exterior view of a modern building with wood shutters and stone walls, along side a sidewalk
Diseño de moderna casa construida en terreno rectangular, fachada combina hormigón, piedra y madera - Planos de Arquitectura
Fachada posterior de la casa
an empty parking lot in front of a building with lights on the side of it
Centre de dia i casal de gent gran de Blancafort / Guillem Carrera
Imagen 6 de 17 de la galería de Centro de día y Hogar de Ancianos en Blancafort / Guillem Carrera. Fotografía de Cristina Serra Juncosa
a brick building with black doors and windows on the outside, along side a tree lined sidewalk
Casa della Musica | GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architettura
Casa della Musica, Cervignano del Friuli, 2011