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Like I said, your diet is so important to keeping you healthy and happy. Check our this chart for soem good brain food suggestions that will keep you energized and focused.

Check out these great brain foods to keep you going. I need all the brain food I can get. Plus, I love the idea of literally feeding my children's brains in every way possible.

Νόστιμα και εύκολα σπιτικά μπισκότα σοκολάτας με 3 μόνο υλικά!

Paleo Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies / made with almond flour and sweetened with sugar

Σοκολατένιο γλυκό ψυγείου σε 10'

Ces 10 desserts sont à réaliser sans four ! Facile et tout aussi délicieux !

Νόστιμα και εύκολα σπιτικά μπισκότα με 3 μόνο υλικά!

Soft and chewy cookies filled with colorful M&Ms. These are a cookie jar favorite! For extra color, press extra M&Ms into the tops of cookies before baking.