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I read lots of articles about punching and the jury still seems to be out on whether punching is advisable or not in a self defence situation. Generally speaking if you have not taken time to condition your hands to impact, perhaps on a heavy bag or some kind of strike pad, then punching is not your best option in a fight.
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Dangerous Divas

Dangerous Divas | personal security devices

Palm strikes can be very a effective self defense technique for women. It would be a good idea to practice your palm strike on a heavy bag using both right and left hands. TIP: Put your hip and shoulder into it! #selfdefense #palmstrikes | personal security devices

Song Ga Yeon
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Song Ga Yeon

HOODFELLA MARTIAL ARTS 2014 Chloe Bruce #taekwondo #karate #highkick
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Willkommen beim KDK Attendorn e.V.

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Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Gracie Jiu Jitsu or better known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Capoiera is a full contact martial art and it is used as a self-defense system.

Wing Chun - Hand and wrist conditioning - YouTube

Wing Chun - Hand and wrist conditioning

This is my personal hand and wrist conditioning routine. I perform each one of these exercises in succession as one routine. Video edited for time.Facebook: ...

Bruce Lee Wing Chun …
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Taekwondo Knockouts KO 跆拳道一秒KO--【笑到噴淚、四格漫畫、humor、funny、趣味-討論區 】
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Funny Gif 動態圖① Funny

Wing Chun …

Split Kick or scorpion tail kick "awesome"
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Muay Thai Workouts: training routine, stretches & exercises

Improve your Muay Thai workouts with better training routines and drills. List of Muay Thai exercises to take your fighting to the next level

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Wing Chun (Martial Art)

Wing Chun was developed by a woman!!! A nun, from whom it takes it's name, meaning 'beautiful springtime'
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March 2010 – Page 2 – Big Stick Combat Blog

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Hands of Wing Chun
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Hands of Wing Chun

The expressive and simplistic movement of wing chun kung fu.