Antony Gormley

Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley

geometric sculpture

Emphasis: Contrast - Sculpture uses black and white shapes to emphasize the geometry within the sculpture.

richard serra punctuates qatar's desert landscape with east-west/west-east - designboom | architecture & design magazine

Nicolas Niarchos on Richard Serra’s new sculpture, “East-West/West-East,” located in the middle of the western Qatari desert.

‘work no 2008 & ‘work no. 2008 artist martin creed may be well known for his neon light text installation, but in 2008 he has been working

ivan navarro places infinite neons within water tower sculptures

Neon Lights Make These NYC Water Towers Into Inter-Dimensional Portals Madison Square Park


Created by Croatian-Austrian collective Numen/For Use, String Prototype is a design for an inflatable volume containing a network of cables that can be explored similar to a jungle gym.


Jean Dubuffet – Four Trees Sculpture, Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza

Matt Calderwood (Wilkinson Gallery)

Matt Calderwood (Wilkinson Gallery)

Fiction of the Fabricated Image by Seon Ghi Bahk

An Aggregation 20140101 - column, 2014 by Seon-Ghi Bahk I Image Courtesy of Zadok Gallery

A delicate touch with a chain saw: For "Office Baroque" Gordon Matta-Clark cut through the floors of an office building in Antwerp.

Tom Eckert, wooden sculpture

Arizona-based artist Tom Eckert creates incredibly lifelike sculptures entirely out of wood, and then painted.

"Wave 1" was crafted from over 3,000 Barbie dolls, collected from various thrift stores.

Belgian Artist Annette Thas Creates Barbie Doll Sculpture On The Beach