Christmas in Paris

Paris is the City of Light and during the Holidays the lights are more plentiful... and more beautiful. If you get an opportunity, go to Paris for the Holidays…
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there is a sign in the window that says don't be nice at night
Paris Xmas / Paris Christmas / Paris Noel.
the eiffel tower is lit up in blue and white for night time celebrations
Bleu Eiffel Paris, France
the building has lights on it and is lit up at night with an animal figure
Met Kerst is de 'lichtstad' Parijs nog meer verlicht dan normaal
Cartier in Paris
a window display with purple and blue items on it's sides, including a large flowered wall
Christmas and New Year's Celebrations In Paris
Paris store window Christmas
the city is lit up at night with christmas lights on trees and cars driving down the street
Best Christmas markets in Europe: Germany, England and more
Each year, thousands of lights deck the two kilometre stretch of the prestigious Avenue de Champs-Elysees, from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe / © Paris Tourism
a large ferris wheel sitting next to a tall clock tower at night with lights on it
NameBright - Coming Soon
Paris city of lights christmas while studying abroad in 2010. Just a few months away... so beautiful
an old building is lit up with christmas lights
Top 5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe – Travel Around The World – Vacation Reviews
Christmas lights on Paris streets
an elaborate display in front of a building with lights and decorations on the outside wall
Noel A Paris (Christmas In Paris) A Photo Expose
love the lantern, roses, branches, lights - Christmas in Paris
an outdoor market with tents set up in front of a large building and people walking around
site en cours de maintenance
several mannequins dressed in costumes on top of a bus at an event
Christmas Windows Paris 2011
Christmas Windows Paris 2011
cars and bicycles are driving down the street with christmas lights on trees in the background
Champs Elysees Paris - Christmas
an illuminated tree in front of a building at night with lights on the branches and around it
Paris Xmas / Paris Christmas / Paris Noel.
an archway decorated with christmas lights in the middle of a city street at night time
Noel A Paris (Christmas In Paris) A Photo Expose
Christmas in Paris - love the lit florishes