I love this first family picture! So cute!

*Family Photography *Newborn Photography *Black and white *Mommy & Daddy kissing while daddy holding baby

@Gwen Cox - can we do this once the new little one arrives?! Precious Photo with the day of the Newborn

Cox - can we do this once the new little one arrives? Precious Photo with the day of the Newborn sibling photoshoot newborn photoshoot newborn bed photoshoot newborn crib photo shoot photo shoot ideas sibling newborn photo ideas

Way to capture baby's first year.

Newborn Photo Trend: Floral Wreaths

Adorable Way to Capture the Monthly Photos for Baby - using flower numbers! {Photos by Lauren Bowyer}

I like this photo. The infant screening band aid and all. Then again I'm a weird lab tech.

Photo: Infant screening band aid and hospital I. bands - mom and baby

this would be a cute wedding photo if you used each of your left hands instead and had the rings showing :)


Infinity-but with both left hands to see the rings. Do the infinity with left hands and a heart with right hands :)

Aahhhhh! They are swishing the baby!  What a weird pose....

Photographe région parisienne

On joue au Kapla ?)Linda foto do amor!


Newborn hand with parents hands

If we live in my home town I hope that we take day trips up to Julian in the fall and pick apples and eat pie.

Photo (A Life Lived Well)

Having a child out of wedlock is also another thing that many people find taboo. Most people believe that you should be married to have a child. Many people who have children out of wedlock are afraid of how the public will view them.


Those seeking to redefine the institution of marriage are willing to say anything and do anything to bring it about, .

Meg's newborn photo shoot with H and R.

Mommy, toddler, and newborn photography idea

Baby footprint on daddy's hand | The Greatest information and Tips for New Parents! Tips for Trying to Get Pregnant fast - How to Get Pregnant naturally programs #fertility #fertilityboost

Ummmm - YES! How sweet is that! Definitely needing a hand-print too! I would do the foot print on the foot and the hand print on the hand.

Family Love.

Marina,Lilac and Lacey

Mom and baby for first time <3 this blog post of Cash's birth in Photos

Labor and delivery photos

“What can you do to promote world peace ? Go home and love your family.

FAMILY - New Jersey Newborn, Child and Family Photographer, Children's Portrait Photography by Patti Schmidt

FAMILY – New Jersey Newborn, Child and Family Photographer, Children’s Portrait Photography by Patti Schmidt

i love this pic arrangement

3 month old baby G. Rhode Island and Massachusetts baby photographer.