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the instructions for how to sew and sew with regular machines are shown in this article
SEAM FINISHES - 6 Best Seam Finishes for Fabric | TREASURIE
Trousers, Hem Pants, How To Hem Pants, Photos Video, Like A Pro, Easy Steps, Easy Step, No Time, Pants
Sewing tips and tricks | sewing tips for beginners | Sewing Hacks | Sewing Tutorial
an advertisement for sewing machine with instructions on how to sew the machine and how to use it
The Best-Kept Secret on Your Sewing Machine
how to sew invisible ladder stitch on a yellow cloth with instructions for the sewing hole
How to sew the PERFECT Ladder Stitch | Invisible Stitch | Hidden Stitch by hand. A Beginner's Guide - MindyMakes
How To Get A Perfect Hem On Your Jeans!
Sewing Life Hacks
how to sew for beginners by hand tutorials - sewing tips for beginners learning