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a row of benches sitting next to each other on top of a carpeted floor
Woven Leather Chair
a skateboard park with ramps and benches
Skatepark Photo Gallery | page 1
Ealing skate park - Click on image to enlarge
an artist's rendering of a skate park with ramps and ramps in the center
Palais De la Glisse Skatepark
a diagram of an urban park with lots of trees and people walking around it on the sidewalk
Denver City Park City Loop | PORT Urbanism
City Loop is a proposal for a new multi-generational civic space within Denver’s City Park is based upon a distributed, fully accessible mobility loop defining a one-of-a-kind intergenerational recreational landscape.
an aerial view of a children's play area in a park with lots of people
Hafen City, Hamburg Redeveloped port on the CBD fringe. Great example of mixing residential, work, culture and leisure on a city fringe. Great public transport access.
an aerial view of a circular building in the middle of a green field with trees
SPA Grand Hotel Alpenroyal ***** - Picture gallery 8
View full picture gallery of SPA Grand Hotel Alpenroyal *****
many people are sitting on the edge of a fountain
Communities Rally to Get into Planetizen’s List of the Top 100 Public Spaces
The flowing water feature drowns out traffic noise and is inviting to visitors of all ages on warm days.
an outdoor lounge area with two chairs and a round pool in the middle of it
A World of Creativity: Top Reads for Inspiration
Crescent infinity pool
an artist's rendering of a man walking across a bridge over a pond with reeds
Gallery of Museum of Nature and Science Winning Proposal / Schwartz Besnosoff + SO Architecture - 5
Museum of Nature and Science Winning Proposal / Schwartz Besnosoff + SO Architecture
this is an artist's rendering of a park with water and playgrounds in the background
T.Park on Behance
an artist's rendering of several pavilions with trees and people walking around them
Follow @Archolution Use #archolution to introduce @kingfunts - # ar… - - Catherine Home - Beautiful cats, Basement remodeling, Classical architecture, Cute baby animals, Pet accessories, Pet tips, Remodels and restorations, Sustainable architecture, Urban design, Wild animals
an artist's rendering of people walking and sitting at tables next to a river
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Seattle Civic Square - Ramboll Group