My pretty girlfriends and I 👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯 rollin' deep 💜 Vegas here we come 👙🍹🌞 bachelorette party 🎉 for my sissy in law 👰🏼

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Harpers Bazaar The Look: Martha Stewart is everything Laura Brown wants to be* and in this episode of The Look* Laura is one step closer. Watch the two as they hit up Bergdorffor a little holiday shopping* and learn Martha Stewart shoe loves and hates.

I REALLY hate how much the "Hannibal" tv show and that damn idiot Bryan Fuller PERVERTED the characters from the ORIGINAL BOOKS, written by Thomas Harris

As the main character of my theme is deaf I might incorporate subtitles into my design, however if I did I would use the more recognizable pink, yellow, green and blue format.


This quote references the Gallagher parents and how their alcoholism and drug addictions brought chaos onto their children and forced them to adapt to a chaotic environment.

Maybe I should get one of these....Alan Delon  "I Spent How Much !"  Limited Edition Giclee

tusk gallery a tusk online gallery Alan Delon : Australian Pop Artist


Retro Unworn T-Shirt in the style of Roy Lichtenstein, Pettibon, Terry & the Pirates "Well, if they can put one man on the moon.

líkє whαt чσu ѕєє? fσllσw mє fσr mσrє @αmαчα13357 ✨✨

líkє whαt чσu ѕєє? fσllσw mє fσr mσrє @αmαчα13357 ✨✨