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Dollar Tree DIY Centerpiece
Centerpiece season is approaching 🦋 ( See supplies list below) I made this centerpiece almost exactly one year ago in response to a community request. I have many more that I’ve similarly created that I’m happy to share with y’all, if you’d like to see them (including for themed birthday parties). 🥰 Drop your centerpiece requests below! Dollar Tree Butterfly Centerpiece. Almost all of the items are from DT, except the spray paint, which is from Walmart. To make this you will need: • 1 larger wood plaque • 2 packs of the bamboo hoops (you will use 2 of the larger hoops. The pack comes with one large and one small. If you can’t find them, try using the kitchen splatter screens: remove the mesh part). • 1 pack of the mirrored plastic butterfly stickers • 8 jenga blocks • At leas
Aviator Cap PDF Sewing Pattern Couture, Tela, Winter Hat Sewing Pattern, Trapper Hat Pattern, Sewing Pattern Pieces, Aviator Cap, Boys Sewing Patterns, Fleece Projects, Fleece Hats
Aviator Hat Pattern
Aviator Cap PDF Sewing Pattern
the sewing pattern for this baby's diaper bag is very easy to sew
Uncut Simplicity 1177 Baby Accessories Pattern
Uncut with instructions. Envelope shows wear with writing, no odors.
the instructions for how to sew a newborn hat
Adorably Soft Baby Scratch Mittens FREE sewing video tutorial - Sew Modern Kids
Free sewing pattern and video for soft Minky baby scratch mittens. Ideal baby mittens for the cold weather or for a newborn baby to wear to prevent accidental scratching from sharp fingernails. Baby scratch gloves sewing pattern free and video tutorial.
four baby bibs laying on top of a wooden floor next to each other,
Our Most Popular Bib | Baby Bib | Towel Bib | Girl's Bib | Boy's Bib | Unisex Bib | Textured Bib | Over The Head Bib
"Towel bibs are wonderful for covering your toddler during meal-time. Moisten a bit to wipe up messy hands and faces and throw in the wash. The stretchy neckband will easily pull over your child's head. No more messing with velcro or snaps. Our family has used these bibs for generations and they are still popular! Need a baby shower gift and want something unique and handmade.... these are perfect! These bibs have been one of our most popular sellers and we're happy we can still offer them t
a small child laying on top of a pink bed
Giant No-Sew Floor Pillow :-) 1 1/2 yards of 2 fleece fabrics. Place on top of each other. Cut 3-4 inch strips around all edges and tie the two fabrics together with knots and leave one side open. Place either pillows or foam stuffing inside and then finish tying the pillow until all strips are tied together.
a piece of cloth is laying on the floor
How to Make a DIY Nap Mat Tutorial for a Nap Mat/Bed Roll
the diagram shows how to measure an area
Kinder Mat Cover
two different types of quilts that are on the floor and in front of each other
Beautiful Leaf Patterns Linen Kids Playing Large Mats/Baby Nursery Cotton Rugs/Floor Decor Mats
the diy nap mat is made with attached pillow and blanket
DIY nap mat cover | tutorial - Crazy Wonderful
And when it’s time to put it away just flip
a stuffed animal laying on top of a wooden floor
Make a Plush Animal Mat
Make a quilted animal play mat- step by step instructions and photos
Travel Harness Seat – Portable Safety Harness Chair Accessory for Baby & Toddler
✔️ A portable highchair that can be used on any seat, anytime, anywhere! ✔️ A MUST HAVE for parents who are always on-the-go. ✔️ Never worry AGAIN about having to bring your highchair ANYWHERE again.