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3 Drills to Improve Your Underwater Dolphin Kick
Go from decreasing drag to improving feel to increasing propulsion! 🐬 Find more tips and drills for underwater dolphin kick at the link.
4 Tips for the FASTEST Flip Turn
Don't lose your speed into and out of the walls! 🚀 Take your underwaters and breath control in your turns even further with Airofit! Get 15% off only at
Spot the Difference Between These Backstrokers!
Spoilers below! 1. Body position: Your body position follows your head. Keep your head back so your hips rise in the water, and you won't feel like you're swimming uphill. 2. Pull: A shallow pull in backstroke will give you a more manageable rotation and balance in your stroke, plus increase your handspeed. 3: Kick: Your kick should be small and tight near the surface, with the power coming from your ankles and toes, not your knees. Your knees will bend naturally - but don't kick from them.
How to Get a Stronger Underwater Dolphin Kick
Underwater dolphin kick is the fastest way to move through the water, but it takes great control of your body to master! Focus on these areas next time you dive in or push off the wall 💭⁠ ⁠ Get more tips plus a workout to improve your underwater dolphin kick at the link.
an airplane is flying in the sky over water and land at night with many different colors
Top 20 tips to swim faster. Part 1. Swimming advice
the different types of boats are shown in this graphic style, and each one has its own name on it
Working Out in the Water
How to Get a Smoother Freestyle Breath in Swimming
The key to a smoother breath is staying low to the water! Try keeping one eye in the water and one eye out of the water during your next swim. Get more breathing technique tips at the link.
How to Fix The Most Common Freestyle Mistake
Crossing over happens when your hand enters the water in front of your head, or even past it. Doing this is a complete waste of time and energy since you will have to push water out and away from your body before you are in a position to push water back behind you. This can cause a wiggle in your stroke and leads to shoulder injury and stress on your shoulders!
Lengthen Your Freestyle with This Drill!
Lengthen out your stroke and sharpen your rotation in your freestyle with this drill! 🏊️ For even more tips and tricks to swimming smooth freestyle, check out the link.
3-Step Drill Progression to Achieve Flawless Freestyle
Fix These Streamline Mistakes ASAP!
Underwater kick
Spot the difference between these two flip turns!
Can you spot any differences between these two flip turns? 🧐 ⁠ ⁠ SPOILER: We see the top swimmer getting to streamline as soon as possible, which allows her to push off the wall immediately and transition into her swim quicker!