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two smartphones with different app icons on them, one showing an image of a cartoon character
AR Learning App for kids - Mobile app
two smartphones displaying the new app for animals, including an image of a cow
Kids Toy Shop
Kids Toy Shop by Sajon on Dribbble
three smartphone screens with different app designs on them
The first part of the ROSEN Learning Reader app
the giraffe app is displayed next to an iphone with its screen showing it's application
Child education
Child education by SoLemon for Top Pick Studio on Dribbble
the app is designed to look like children's toys
interface_collection.png by zhezi
three smartphones showing different games for children to play on the same screen, one with numbers
Game UI Design
three smartphones with numbers and cartoon characters on them, one showing the same number
Educational App for Kids Exploration
there are many different colored toy animals in this photo set, each with an individual's own face
Creativity | Fast Company
the game is designed to look like an animal
two cell phones with text messages on the screen and one has an image of a frog
Kids App
Kids App by Johny vino™
three mobile screens showing different items on the same page, including an animal toy and a cat
Toys Store Mobile App Prototype
Toys Store Mobile App Prototype by Happy Tri Milliarta for Noansa on Dribbble
three mobile screens showing different character creation options for the game zelda, which includes characters
Purple & Blue App Icon Exploration