Ruptly team covering the refugee crisis at the Syrian-Turkish border following US airstrikes

Live picture from the border crossing between Syria and Turkey (Kobane/Ayn al Arab) facing Syrian side following airstrikes carried out by US against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS; ISIL) in Syria.
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Turkey: Kurds flee across Syrian border as US launches airstrikes

Video ID: W/S Migrants in holding area M/S Migrants passing through the fence C/U Woman and child W/S Migrants in the holding area M/S Migrants .

Turkey: See Turkish troops react to Kobane blasts

Video ID: M/S Explosion M/S Two security force troops keeping a look out M/S Sound of possible explosions M/S Man stands near border M/S Sound o.

Turkey: See aftermath of blasts near Kobane

Video ID: W/S Smoke rising over Kobane M/S Military vehicle passes refugees standing on cars W/S Smoke rising over Kobane W/S Smoke rising over .

Turkey: Emergency services treat the sick as refugees RETURN to Syria

VideoID: W/S First group of people moving back through the border W/S Crowd of people at the border W/S Ambulance moves through the border W/S P.

Turkey: Injured boy rushed to hospital after Syria border land-mine blast

VideoID: M/S Paramedics taking severely injured child from medic tent to ambulance M/S Ambulance driving away M/S Paramedic tent SCRIPT A severe.

Turkey: Severely injured boys rushed across border after land-mind blast

Video ID: M/S Paramedics taking three severely injured boys by stretcher through the Kobane/Aran checkpoint SCRIPT Three severely injured Syrian.

Turkey: Boys injured in land-mine blast rushed through Syrian border *GR...

Turkey: Boys injured in land-mine blast rushed through Syrian border *GRAPHIC*

Turkey: Kurdish refugees escape U.S. airstrikes by emergency bus

Turkey: Kurdish refugees escape U. airstrikes by emergency bus

Turkey: Local authorities help feed Syrian refugee livestock

Video ID: Local government officials supplied grass to Kurdish refugees carrying cattle and other livestock at the Kobane/Aran border checkpoint.

Turkey: Refugees protest as Turkish police lockdown Syrian border

Video ID: Hundreds of refugees protested on the Syrian side of the Syria-Turkish border on Tuesday after Turkish security forces closed the bord.