Marina Lambrini Diamandis by on @DeviantArt

this is the cutie face of Marina and the Diamonds,the velvet-voiced singer.

Marina and the holograms by on @DeviantArt

Marina and the holograms by fullcolour-canvas on DeviantArt

DIAMOND DAYS-Marina Diamandis-Osheaga 2015 by on @DeviantArt

DIAMOND DAYS-Marina Diamandis-Osheaga 2015 by on @DeviantArt

Marina Diamandis live at the Boston concert Marina Diamandis::Boston concert by on @DeviantArt

HEEEEEY THERE! brought to you by her uuuuuuusual neeeerd! attention please:diamandis' haters will be shot and execu.

Marina and the Diamonds::Lights by on @DeviantArt

Marina Diamandis again. Marina and the Diamonds::Lights

Mona Lisa by on @DeviantArt

Actually,for those of you who i seriously don't have a clue why don't know her,this is Marina Diamandis.

La Big Diamandis by on @DeviantArt

Marina and the Diamonds Marina Lambrini Diamandis artwork photo referrence also available on I Draw Diamonds Do not repost.

Shampain! by on @DeviantArt

Shampain! by on @DeviantArt

In the nightside of Froot... by on @DeviantArt

I've been working for two days for you,like froot like froot! In the nightside of Froot.

Deviantart, Canvases, Diamonds, Posts, Outfits, Screens, Outfit, Messages, Canvas

Deviantart, Twitter, Canvases, Diamonds, Posts, Screens, Messages, Canvas, Diamond

Blue Velvet by on @DeviantArt

one more Marina and the Diamonds portrait i made.Yes they are portraits.