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a person pointing at something with the words please do not touch
Us before that 3pm coffee ☕️
a computer screen with the words i love you written in spanish and english on it
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Imagen de grunge
an image of the time displayed on a clock in the dark night with blue lights
C’mon. Whatever you want- wish it. -AD
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the words he was pretty cute for a monster are written in white ink on a black background
↠ᴘɪɴ: @coeurdepasteque ↞ faith had to admit, he was handsome. aggravatingly so.
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current mood -.-
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a glass with the words my hopes and dreams on it next to a trash can
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☾t h i s i s g o s p e l☽ @sofiloera
an iphone screen with two different dials and one number on the phone's buttons
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two black squares with white text on them
open from dusk till dawn.
And that's when the primal beast inside all of us takes over, the little voice that tells you to say that nasty remark grows into a deafening roar until you can't think anymore. Then you give in. You collapse, and it emerges, fast and strong and spiteful. All those years of holding in your emotions will pour out in the form of a great monster, indestructible and unapologetic for the misery it will leave behind.
an image of a black background with the words, was there nothing that could stay?
Συμπλήρωσε τη λίστα με τα τραγούδια, Κατερίνα.
a black and white photo of a bunny wearing a t - shirt that says, but, my ears, this is not wonderlandland and you are not alice
get anxious
Red Eyed Jedi
a diagram with the words you are lost in it Welcome to Maison Jac Collection Lifestyle Brand. We are dedicated to supporting and promoting independent suppliers and product manufacturers in the sale of their products around the world.