ondrash tattoo design butterfly watercolor painting on skin beautiful feminine design I love water color tats

Tattoo by Musa.

abstract flower tattoo i dunno what it is about this, but it's beautiful!, i like the random patches of color instead of having the whole thing filled in, and with thin delicate lines kind of framing the flower

Watercolor tattoo! <3

Water color back tattoo. I love this style but I'm not sure what I would get that would truly represent me. Maybe mixing the watercolor style with another type would yield good results.

Mother tattoo - heart for every child LOVE this!

Mother tattoo - heart for every child LOVE this! If I ever get a tattoo I would do something like this. This covers the basis of all my kids, maybe heart for the ones here & wings for the ones lost.

no outline #feather #tattoo

I love this feather tattoo. but not the placement. I've been wanting to get a feather tattoo in memory of my dad because I read that they represent eternity and rebirth. If anyone finds feather tattoos, pin them and tag me!

Lovely use of colours :)

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