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an image of a car that is in the street
Opel Calibra DTM Touring Car, 1994. The Calibra V6 DTM race cars, while still being four wheel drive, had the engine mounted longitudinally instead of transversely
a yellow car parked on top of a hill
Vauxhall Calibra SE2 '10.1993–03.1994
a yellow and black car driving down a race track with other cars in the background
1995 Opel Calibra 4x4 DTM de KEKE ROSBERG en cabeza.
a yellow car parked in a parking lot
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OPEL Calibra
an advertisement for the new alfatig car, with all its features and colors
a purple car parked on the side of a road with its hood open and people looking at it
Opel Calibra
a black car driving down the road at night time with its rear lights turned on
Calibra on OZ Superleggera
Calibra on OZ Superleggera
a bright green sports car parked in front of a building
Vauxhall Calibra - Limet
Vauxhall Calibra - Limet by Timil on DeviantArt
the interior of a car with leather seats
Design der Sitzbezüge: Design Moskau: Leder-Optik (ZACASi Lederimitat) schwarz / grau - Design Kopfstütze - Tri-Color #Opel #Calibra #ZACASi #lederimitat #lederoptik #lederausstattung #seatcover #blackwhite #maßgeschneidert #autositzbezüge
a black car parked on the street next to other cars
a black car is on display in a showroom with other cars and people looking at it
Toon onderwerp - Klassikwelt Bodensee 2012, Friedrichshafen
an image of a car with the engine in it's center section cut out
Много за малые деньги: 5 любопытнейших автомобилей за 150 тысяч рублей - КОЛЕСА.ру – автомобильный журнал
Opel Calibra 2.0i 16V '1990–94
a man standing next to a white car in front of a black background with yellow stripes
Opel Calibra Keke Rosberg Edition '1994–95
the back end of an automobile parked in front of a building
Totalcar – Opel Calibra – Galéria
Black Calibra
a car with flames painted on it driving through the snow
Stig Blomquist