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Mavra Volia (black pebble) beach, Chios Greece

I remember a nice walk with my mom on this Mavra Volia (black pebble) beach on Chios Greece.

Springtime in Chios Greece

Chios : the red tulips grow wild just everywhere in the island !

Chios Mastic Gum: Scientific evidence has confirmed Mastiha’s beneficial action against disorders of the peptic system, its contribution to oral hygiene, its significant antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, as well as the fact that it constitutes a natural antioxidant agent.

''The unique Chios mastic gum: a spice, a salve, a miracle ingredient! Unique to the Aegean island of Chios ''

Mesta Village, Chios, Greece

Medieval Greece - The photo was taken in the Medieval village of Mesta Chios island - Greece. It was a beautiful afternoon in the arches of the village and laughter from grandmothers sounded everywhere!