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“ pronunciation | nats-ka-‘shE (nahtzkah-SHEE) Japanese | 懐かしい tip | The final pronunciation doesn’t really have an “oo” sound in it. ”

Japanese - Natsukashii - Of some small thing that brings you suddenly , joyously back to fond memories, not with a wistful longing for what's past, but with an appreciation of the good times

pronunciation | guan-‘shi

Guanxi ~ (n.) ~ a network of social connections based on mutual trust and the balancing of debts by returning favors so that the relationship's benefits are shared by all


Yuputka (from Ulwa) [sensation of crawling on skin] (If you’ve never heard of the Ulwa language, it comes from the Misumalpan languages that have Native American roots!

"Torschlusspanik" (German) - lit. “gate-closing panic”; a sense of anxiety or fear caused by the feeling the life’s opportunities are passing by and diminishing as one ages

life anxiety old fear woman aging feeling age t German opportunity noun torschlusspanik gate-closing panic gate-shut panic word-stuck


japanese believe words true word honest definitions definition h belief culture true to yourself noun otherwordly other-wordly unusual word unusual words honne what one truly believes true belief strange word strange words