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Argiro Voudanta

Argiro Voudanta
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Beach Gift Tags \”Near the Sea We Forget to Count the Days\” by Shabby Pea Designs on Etsy Beach Gift Tags \”Near the Sea We Forget to Count the Days\”…

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There are 3 tips to buy this shirt: corset top corset white belt skirt aztec skirt lace pattern top crop tops tank top bustier crochet.

i''ll try to make it this week! love it...

An easy DIY project for candles, shells, sand, a bit of sea fan. Just gotta get a bowl fill it with some pebbles/sand and candles. I could put my Jamaica shells in something like this! So easy and pretty!

yes it is...

Tyler at 3 when I encouraged him to show love not just say I love you: "Some things are beautiful mysteries. Like a grape that turns into a raisin; that's a beautiful mystery, and so is love.