Falling Garden installation

Falling Garden installation created by Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger for the Biennial of Venice in San Staë church on the Canale Grande

Transparent kayak! #product_design

The Transparent Canoe/Kayak. This canoe-kayak hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers paddlers an underwater vista unavailable in conventional boats

Learn Korean Easy! I wish I had this a year ago.

Learn Korean Easy!

Funny pictures about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Oh, and cool pics about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Also, Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes photos.

12 Creative Study Techniques that really work! #college #study http://danidearest.com/

12 Creative Study Techniques

Top 12 creative study techniques that aren't normally shared. Good resource for studying for finals and midterms in college or high school! studying tips, study tips

Smart Cutting Board #woodwork #woodworking #design #wooden #wood

This cleverly designed chopping board helps you move chopped food to a plate… - Real Woodworking

Diamond Ice Cubes

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Let's face it, you're a loser if your ice isn't in the shape of diamonds. Get ice so icey with this flexible silicone ice cube tray that produces diamond-shaped ice diamonds. Fits six ice diamonds at a time.

Does your dad like to pedal? Help him store his wheels in style with this…

Wood Profits - Enthusiasm and also determination are all when it involves woodworking. Locate much more on (Cool Baking Tools) - Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Last Minute Study Tips for Students So this time I might share some tips that would be helpful to the others. Quite frantically many people had asked me what are my study tips. Yeah, I used to share it here. The original study style of myself, but this time I'm gonna share the other version. The last minutes study which is not the kind of my style.

Last Minute Study Tips for Students

Not that you should study last minute but if you find yourself running out of time here are 5 last minute study tips to help you get through your exam. (Last Minutes Study)

Truffol.com | The only magnet you'll ever need. #handy #tech #gadgets #simplicity #design / TechNews24h.com

Cool little "lookalike" magnets with suction cups for arranging and holding wire, holding up your iPhone, or many other uses.

Minimal Father's Day gifts from Etsy - cool bike wooden bike hooks for bike…

Minimal Father's Day gifts from Etsy - cool bike wooden bike hooks for bike storage in the living room (Diy Storage Wall)