♪♫♩♬ Music is beautiful at any age ♪♫♩♬ {photo credit from Guitars in the Classroom}

rolling stone

Keith Richards - actual rockstar, sick old man style, effing hilarious biography and I can't believe he remembered it all since he's practically preserved from drugs. I will own his skull ring one day.

Cafe racer girl

Cafe Racer Girls 009 ~ Return of the Cafe Racers - leather motorcycle jacket, studs, patches, UK Union Flag, Ace Cafe

The House of Blues is dedicated to educating and celebrating the history of Southern Culture and African American artistic contributions to music and art. The House of Blues grew out of founder Isaac Tigrett’s love for the unique American art form known as “the Blues.” Isaac’s goal was to introduce the world to the music of the rural south, including the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Roots-based Rock & Roll. Visit www.xplorela.com

So put another dime in the jukebox baby! I love rock and roll! So come and take your time and dance with me!

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Sid Vicious...couldn't play for shit, but let's face it..he was the poster child for punk.

Who would thouhgt that Sid Vicious from The Sex Pistols was really a good bassist. Trust me, Sex Pistols' songs has a trick on the bass

it's only rock and roll baby

"It's only Rock and Roll Baby" sign in black and white

Iggy Pop

The 50 Most Stylish Musicians of the Last 50 Years

The 50 Most Stylish Musicians of the Last 50 Years Iggy Pop - Anyone who can make chest scars and faded Levi's a thing is alright in my book.

Joe strummer

photomusik: “ Joe Strummer photographed by Sho Kikuchi, Japan ”