Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki, Greece

Aristotelous square by the sea, Thessaloniki, Greece. I was here during earthquakes & thunderstorms.

Rotunda, Thessaloniki Greece ✅

A monument in the city of Thessaloniki, in the region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece. The Rotunda is also known as the Church of Agios Georgios or (in English) the Rotunda of St.

Sunset in Thessaloniki, Greece (by Giannis Kotronis)

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TRAVEL'IN GREECE | Thessaloniki, #Central_Macedonia, #Greece, #travelingreece

Photography Tour Around Thessaloniki, Greece

TRAVEL'IN GREECE | Thessaloniki, #Central_Macedonia, #Greece, #travelingreece

*GREECE ~ Roman Agora (or Forum) | Thessaloniki, Greece. --- Στοά, Ρωμαϊκή αγορά, Θεσσαλονίκη.

The northern Greek city of Thessaloniki was once a center of trade between Asia and Europe. Archaeologists are still uncovering stunning sites from ancient Greek and Roman eras.