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"Sparta has no walls because you, her warriors, are her walls. Sparta’s boundaries are undefined because these your spear-points define her borders. So when the Barbarians come, let them find nothing but death on the frontiers of Sparta!” - Excerpt from the novel, the Queen of Sparta.

Parthenon Marbles stolen from the Acropolis by Lord Elgin, and still haven't been returned. Currently still stuck in the British Museum

I am GREEK and I want to go HOME!

Greece will inspire you !

Όμορφη και παράξενη πατρίδα ω σαν αυτή που μου 'λαχε δεν είδα Ρίχνει να πιάσει ψάρια πιάνει φτερωτά στήνει στην γη καράβι κήπο στα νερά κλαίει φιλεί το χώμα ξενιτεύεται μένει στους πέντε δρόμους αντρειεύεται Όμορφη και παράξενη πατρίδα ω σαν αυτή που μου 'λαχε δεν είδα Κάνει να πάρει πέτρα την επαρατά κάνει να τη σκαλίσει βγάνει θάματα μπαίνει σ' ένα βαρκάκι πιάνει ωκεανούς ξεσηκωμούς γυρεύει θέλει τύρρανους Όμορφη και παράξενη πατρίδα ω σαν αυτή που μου 'λαχε δεν είδα Οδυσσέας Ελύτης

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The Top Funniest & Proudest Greek Memes

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Star of Vergina, royal symbol of Alexander the Great and the royalty of Macedon; The Macedonian dynasty symbol of Vergina, the sun disc with rays of light Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Art Sculpture, Stone Sculpture, Alexander The Great, Greek History

Sol Invictus (Pagan World)

Sol Invictus, which means Invincible Sun in Latin, is the primary religion of the former Roman World, save for in areas such as Britain, the Balkans, or Asia Minor where large populations of non-Romans immigrated in the following years, or in Egypt, which retained its own different religion. Sol...

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The Greek Secret

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Ελλάδα/Ellatha/Greece-Greek Flags--The Left with the Cross is for Mainland Display & the other with the Stripes for the Sea. Now only the Flag with the Stripes is used

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