The Silence 2010

Das letzte Schweigen (2010)

I loves me a crime drama :) (from IMDB) Sinikka vanishes on a hot summer night. Her bicycle is found in the exact place where a girl was killed 23 years ago. The dramatic present forces those involved in the original case to face their past.

Auf der anderen Seite (2007) Poster

The Edge of Heaven (2007)

Directed by Fatih Akin. With Baki Davrak, Gürsoy Gemec, Cengiz Daner, Tuncel Kurtiz. A Turkish man travels to Istanbul to find the daughter of his father's former girlfriend.

Gegen die Wand (2004) Poster

Head-On (2004)

Gegen Die Wand - Fatih Akin so sad but so beautiful

Barbara (2012) Poster

Barbara (2012)

Directed by Christian Petzold. With Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Rainer Bock, Christina Hecke. A doctor working in East Germany finds herself banished to a small country hospital.

Yella (2007) Poster

Yella (2007)

Yella is estranged from her possessive and violent husband; When their fraught interaction finally comes to dramatic conclusion, Yella's life takes an odd shift.