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Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 1

Often trade entrances into cities in Historica are modest affairs... not so however in Sultan's Gate! The cities strategic location has seen flourishing trade, which has made some merchants very rich indeed. This allowed the powerful merchant's guild to commission the lift many years before, completed in the grand style to advertise the wealth and power of the city. Goods that are perishable or particularly valuable are often sent by lift to avoid the treacherous climb up the escarpment. The…

A snail's Creed - Trend Lego Box 2020 Lego Mecha, Lego Bionicle, Lego Design, Legos, Lego Lego, Casa Lego, Lego Dragon, Lego Sculptures, Amazing Lego Creations
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A snail's Creed

This thing has been sitting on my desk for over two years now. And I finally made a few photos before taking it apart. It was made for the Eurobricks Collab at Brickworld 2016. The theme was "Ready, set, escargot! So a race with giant themed snails. And if it wasn't obvious enough my inspiration came from the AC games. Thanks to Mark Larson for the excellent snail design!

The house of Beorn from the Hobbit built by Roanoke Handybuck. Lego Knights, Lego Army, Amazing Lego Creations, Lego Castle, Lego Worlds, Lego Design, Lego Architecture, Lego Models, Lego Projects
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Queer Lodgings...

Hello! Here is my build of Beorn's House for my Hobbit Project! It took me 4 months of building (5 months total), is around 7,500 pieces and the maximum base size is 105 x 56. It was a ton of fun to build and I am pleased with the result. :) I was gonna bring this to BFAL, but that was 4 months ago. This is my first build of the year, and the first post that I actually built in time of having a flickr account. With this and one other build, I will be taking a break from my Hobbit Project for…

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Horde Faction Hero: Gobblog the Bog Troll

Gobblog the Bog Troll: Many different types of trolls roam the Burnlands, from the behemoth Rock Trolls to the brutish Horde Trolls, but none compare in utter filthiness to the Bog Trolls. Living on the outskirts of the Burnlands in the putrid bogs that cover that landscape, these trolls are the epitome of all things grimy and mucky. And the famous Gobblog is the king of all Bog Trolls. If a Horde army seeks to march up into the wide plains they must first traverse the murky bogs that cover…

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The Ulfgang stockade - a Guilds of Historica build.

The Ulfgang faction of Mitgardia

Lego Ninjago Fishing Island - With Full Interior, album in comments : lego Lego Winter Village, Lego Village, Lego Ninjago City, Lego City, Legos, Lego Lego, Lego Batmobile, Lego Boat, Lego Sculptures
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Lego Ninjago Fishing Island - With Full Interior, album in comments

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Giant-Kin: Mammurok, the Last Mammoth Giant

Mammurok, the Last Mammoth Giant: The story of the Mammoth Giants is a story of misery and sadness. Once a great race of majestic guardians, the Mammoth Giants of old have been whittled down to just a fraction of their once great might. The Mammoth Giants are part of the ancient order of beings that walked the lands of Warscape before humans, dwarves, or even elves set foot upon the earth. Beings like the regal Dragons, the fierce Taurocaur, and the great Arachnids are a few of the same…

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I gave Castle KING'S CASTLE 70404 an AFOL treatment

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We came from the land of ice and snow | The Brothers Brick

Fight the horde, sing and cry for this LEGO Viking longship by @jonaskramm. It's the perfect vessel to raid coastal villages or explore across the oceans!

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Well, here I am, my little one

...better not mess with a mother... Sky and horizon are photoshopped, but yes - that's real water. My entry for the Summer Joust in the creature category.

The House of Peer Rumstiek

The House of Peer Rumstiek

This is the House of adventurer and fellow of the cartograph Kaspar Henneberg. Yes, that fire is lighting up! :) As I already stated I wanted to revisit a building that was on my desk/shelf for 5 years now. It's origin is from here. With nearly 19k views it's by far the most viewed MOC I've ever built and I was really happy with it at that time and liked all the new darker colours. That's one of the reasons I had a small fraction of it still assembled. The other being that I used it for size…

Doesn't everybody love ApocaLego? Titanic Model, Ruined City, Brick In The Wall, Lego Craft, Cool Lego Creations, Lego Design, Fantasy Places, Lego Bionicle, Lego Projects
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Apocalego Fortress

Doesn't everybody love ApocaLego? BrickShelf

MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

Thank You Everyone... These are Bonus Photos and last...

MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

Thank You Everyone... These are Bonus Photos and last...

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Port Royal: Blacksmith Shop (interior)

Ah, your probably starting to get used to this judges; wait for me to upload more on MP before you think I went crazy ;) . Judge there too, though you can comment your decision here if you like. All: please flick through all the photos as the details are hard to see. Plus I will gradually upload more of this MOC (my version of PotC's Port Royal) over the next week or so, for it's my largest build yet. Enjoy!

Lego French galleon inspired by the 17th century man of war "Royal Louis" minifig scale.

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