69 Pins
a woman standing in front of a star with the words i can't find the words to say, i belong to you
Chiara Bautista
an image of two comics with one being kissed by the other
One of my favorites: Icarus and the Sun by Picolo-Kin
an image of a cartoon scene with the text do you believe in love stories that can last forever?
Illustrator and Comic Artist Gabriel Picolo - ARTWOONZ
an abstract painting with the words i'm thinking of you
pinterest: @ruttingz ♡
an image of a comic strip with cats
Illustrator and Comic Artist Gabriel Picolo - ARTWOONZ
a street sign that says the right person will make you fall in love with yourself too
💜 megan 💜🍕 on Twitter
a black and white drawing of a woman laying on a bed with her head down
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a drawing of a person holding their head in front of an orange and blue background
Mental health art from the ward
pink hearts with the words we accept the love, we think we deserves't
a red heart with the words you describe the love that you keep trying to give everyone else