ideas for the office and shop

few ideas that we could use for our office and bike shop remodeling.
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a metal chair sitting on top of a wooden table next to the ocean with a boat in the background
Sign in | Etsy
Recycled Bike Part Rocking Chair with black cushions.
a blue and yellow bicycle is on display
Bikerax MidRax - Two Bikes Wooden Bike Rack $119.95
an image of a bike shop with bikes on the wall and other items in it
Bike storage ideas
a wooden shelf with a bike mounted to it
Ma sélection déco de la semaine #33
Home and Garden: Ma sélection déco de la semaine #33
there is a bike hanging on the wall next to some boxes and bikes in front of it
SPREAD by GUM by Eureka
Architects Eureka have made a bicycle shop in Hong Kong where recycled paper tubes can be pushed in and out to make an ever-changing display wall
the interior of a restaurant with lots of counter space and hanging lights on the ceiling
re-interpret for bike shop use?
the inside of a bike shop with lots of bikes hanging from the ceiling and wooden shelves
Bike Gallery Store Layout
the neon sign for johnny's bike shop is lit up
Neon - Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop
there are many bicycles in the bike shop
bicycle store - florian brillet design
an empty room with wooden shelves and lighting
florian brillet design
Triathlon Store Paris - florian brillet design
an old paper with the words everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about be kind always
Yoga Blog #yoga #yogainspiration #yogapose #video #yogaclasses
there are many bikes that are on the shelves in this room and it is very nice
VoyeurDesign - Joven estudio creativo en Buenos Aires, Nidolab
Appealing. Concrete floors and simple wooden platforms (Bike shop Nidolab architecture)
a room filled with lots of bikes and chandelier
My kind of cycling shop! Bicycle love by Vielet Luxe Performance Merino.