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there is a bowl of food with broccoli and other foods in the background
Spicy Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls
two bowls filled with different types of food and the words cilantro lime quinoa salad
Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad (vegan & healthy) - PlantbasedRD
This Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad is an easy quinoa recipe that comes together in less than 30 minutes. Flavored with a bright and herb infused zesty dressing. This healthy recipe is vegan and gluten-free!
creamy tuscann chickpea soup with spinach and bacon in a black bowl
Creamy Tuscan Chickpea Soup – Skinny Spatula
crispy vegan potato tacos with jalapeno cilantro sauce
Crispy Vegan Potato Tacos with Jalapeño Cilantro Sauce
two bowls filled with different types of food and the words vegetarian easy bbq ranch chickpea quinoa bowls
BBQ Ranch Chickpea Quinoa Bowls
BBQ Ranch Chickpea Quinoa Bowls are perfect for make-ahead lunches. Featuring BBQ-glazed chickpeas, fire-roasted corn, pickled red onions, sharp cheddar, and quinoa with a healthy yogurt ranch dressing. Vegetarian, gluten free, and so flavorful.
a grilled sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies on it
I’m Not a Vegetarian—But These Meatless Recipes Are Insanely Good
the best peanut butter noodles in a bowl
15 Minute Spicy Peanut Butter Noodles
Easy & Healthy No Bake Superfood Brownies🫐​🍫​
vegan creamy white bean chili in a bowl with tortilla chips and cilantro
Easy Vegan White Bean Chili
This 30 minute Vegan White Bean Chili is on a mission to prove that white chili can be filled with flavor and that vegan chili can be super hearty. It’s a quick meal for a busy weeknight or a simple meal prep recipe, and it will leave everyone full.
pumpkin oat cookies stacked on top of each other with chocolate chips in the middle
Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies
paleo morning glory bread on a cutting board with the words paleo morning glory bread
Paleo Morning Glory Bread — plenty and well
sliced loaf of bread sitting on top of a wooden table
Paleo Morning Glory Quick Bread