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10 Best Diabetes Breakfast Ideas

Best diabetes breakfast ideas that will satisfy your morning appetite while keeping glucose levels in check. Low carb high protein choices included!

PreDiabetic Support: Photo

Refuse to live with PreDiabetes. Over 86 million people have been diagnosed with PreDiabetes. This blog was designed to support all of us, who are fighting Diabetes and refuse to lose this battle. Fight the good fight!

bananachoc, sans sucre ni beurre - Recette i-Cook'in | Guy Demarle

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10 minutes

bananachoc, sans sucre ni beurre (desserts light) - RECETTE I-COOK'IN - Prêt en 10 min - Recette simple et à coût eco. pour 6 personne(s). Créée par laurah_a4ce

Healthy Foods To Reduce Clogging Of Arteries

Cardiovascular diseases amount for up to 7 lakh deaths in America per year. Taking care to prevent heart attacks and strokes becomes the imm...

Le diabète de type 2.

Le diabète de type 2.

Le diabète de type 2.

8 Snacks That Fight Heart Disease

Heart diseases are mostly caused by unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices, and if you want to eliminate or prevent these deadly heart ailments, you need to focus on getting a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Why Is Blood Sugar High In The Morning?

One of the most frequently asked questions is around why blood sugar is high in the morning. Well don't panic because it is normal and here's why.

Treating Diabetes Naturally: 9 Herbs and Supplements for Balancing Blood Sugar

Discover the 9 most potent and effective, naturopathic doctor recommended supplements and herbs for treating diabetes naturally and without side effects.

Recette de Muffins à la banane et au son d’avoine pour diabétiques

Recette de Muffins à la banane et au son d’avoine pour diabétiques. Facile et rapide à réaliser, goûteuse et diététique.

12 Foods That Naturally Lower Cholesterol • Lifestyle Munch

Are your cholesterol numbers sky high? Is the fear of a heart attack giving you sleepless nights? Well maybe it’s time to try and lower your cholesterol. Our culture is a pill popping culture, so it is really no surprise that the primary method of lowering high cholesterol is by medicines and clinical approaches. Drugs are readily available from almost any doctors office, they’re effective and let’s be honest they require very little effort on your behalf to get that cholesterol under…

Voici une méthode naturelle pour faire baisser instantanément le taux de sucre dans le sang!

Pancakes IG Bas - recette inratable et rapide (avec une version vegan)

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Pancakes à faible indice glycémique parfaites pour commencer la journée avec un petit déjeuner rassasiant ou pour combler un petit creux en fin d'après-midi.

9 blood sugar strategies I like better than metformin - Easy Health Options®

I took metformin for a week — and felt like I’d been pummeled with a sledgehammer. The research I did indicated that metformin could truly be a wonder drug that could impact my disease risk and signs of aging. So I gave it a go. But I found something better...

How To Lower Blood Sugar Without Insulin - Information for Type 2 Diabetics | Diabetes Diet Cures

How to lower blood sugar without insulin. In this article you'll discover the 4 steps to lower blood sugar without insulin.