greek quotes

The one who laughs instead of getting angry, is always the strongest .

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Greek quotes <- τα τυπικα..  Τι πραγματικα θελω να πω -> ναι την πορνη την ζωη μου!!!! Παντα εκει για σενα! Ποτε ΕΔΩ για μενα εσυ.

You can go if you think you don't like me, but, don't forget that as many times i thought i don't liked you , i hold you in my arms and was pasient .

Greek quotes

I can understand people with the first sight, exept when i'm in love with them .

greek quotes

Loosing weight is great. Gaining a healthy body image is better. Loving yourself no matter where you are on you life's journey is BEST.


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