Lucy Dragneel

Lucy Dragneel

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Lucy Dragneel
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sorcerer-weekly: “ What timing for me to finish this XD Goodbye, Natsu… ”

NaLu Fluff Week Day 3: Cuddling ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )The first time I draw the animation!

NaLu Fluff Week Day Cuddling ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )The first time I draw the animation!

ccrispy: “ i kinda felt bad for the Gajevy fandom so take some Lucy consoling Levy. this can also be interpreted as Nalu fandom comforting Gajevy fandom.

FT - Please Don't Change! by MsSaltyAnchor

I was re-watching the new Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Trailer and Natsu’s dragonizing reminded me of one of my most favorited movie of all time…Inuyasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. AND I couldn’t help myself!