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two people holding hands with the words ulfat in arabic on top of each other
two hands holding each other with the word rabata written in different languages
Urdu Vocab
an advertisement for the word of the day nagsh with footprints in sand on it
a man standing on top of a hill with the words'word of the day'in arabic
an advertisement for be - khudi written in english and arabic on a dark background
an image of a man with the words kafiyatt in arabic on it
the cover art for noori's album, my light
14 Profound Urdu Words For ‘Sweetheart’ That Prove Why It’s The Most Romantic Language In The World - ScoopWhoop
a person standing in front of the sky with their hair blowing in the wind and words that read,'word of the day khath unrease
two hands holding a small plant with the words ibrida in english and an image of
Urdu words
a couple of birds hanging from a faucet with the words tisna written on it
Word of the Day
a bird flying in the sky with words describing masakali above it and an image of a seagull
17 Beautifully Untranslatable Hindi Words You Should Add To Your Vocabulary Right Now
the words tulua rising in front of an ocean sunset
Rise in love.. | urdu; tehzeeb | Pinterest | Language, Beautiful words and Rare words
the moon is in the sky over water with two people on a boat under it
16 Beautiful Untranslatable Hindi Words You Didn't Know You Needed
a woman sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with words written in different languages
16 Beautiful Untranslatable Hindi Words You Didn't Know You Needed
the words saani evening are in front of an orange sky with trees and water
13 Expressive Words That Show Hindi Is Just As Poetic As Any Other Language - ScoopWhoop
a piece of paper with the words fana written on it
29 Beautiful Words That Cannot Be Translated To English But Capture Human Emotions Perfectly - ScoopWhoop
a person standing on a bridge with the words nyctophile above them
the cover of sonder magazine featuring palm leaves
Jokes, Desi Humor, Yeah, Haha, Me Quotes, Reaction Pictures, Real
C'est toi pour moi Moi pour toi dans la vie
C'est toi pour moi Moi pour toi dans la vie
Grunge, Vintage, Design, Louvre, Rpg, Dark, Shadow, Ominous, Black And White
Sketches, Tattoo, Character Design, Tela, Fotos, Fotografie, Wallpaper, Tatoo, Lace Drawing
Digital Curio
the words are written in white ink on a black and white speech bubble that says, i find pieces of you in every song, listen to
40 Cute Quotes To Share When You Want To Make Someone Smile
two texts that are in the same language, one says you need to move on and forget
18 perfect ways to respond to a text from your good for nothing ex
someone is holding up their cell phone to take a photo on the street with his bike
a person standing in front of a building with a large red and white cone on their head
a white teddy bear standing in front of a desk with writing on it that says i ruined a lot of great things because of my own insecities
The Brown Bunny (2003)
The Brown Bunny (2003)
a man is running on the beach with a sign that says, last night i knew what to say but you weren't there to hear it
deep thoughts
a pink and purple background with the words yes i am a virgin and yes i am a
whore representation
two people standing next to each other in front of a tree with the words, i baby want to feel your presence just once more
a cutout of a man and woman holding each other with the words i still pretend you're here
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a man with his eyes closed
your lovers & drifters.
black and white photograph of two people in a car with the caption i was waiting for you without krowing it